TBI to review agent’s actions during Murfreesboro traffic stop

MURFREESBORO — A woman who complained about an undercover officer who cursed at her during a traffic stop has prompted an internal investigation into the officer’s actions.

TBI spokeswoman Kristin Helm confirmed on Friday the TBI would begin an investigation into the agent’s actions as early as next week, though she would not identify the agent by name.

“Internal investigations go through the Professional Standards Unit at TBI and the case will be assigned to a supervisory agent or retired agent on contract from another part of the state,” she said. “Right now the case has not been officially assigned. There will be an internal investigation opened, and I can assure you the incident will be investigated thoroughly and appropriately handled.”




3 Responses to “TBI to review agent’s actions during Murfreesboro traffic stop”

  1. AR BORO Says:

    Hello – I have read some of your comments on other sites & always enjoyed, never realizing this site was in existence. Well thank God it is, because now I need help. I was brutally beaten by at least 5 MPD officers around 2am Saturday on the square in Murfreesboro. This occurred in front of multiple witnesses, as the square was somewhat crowded relative to the time due to Uncle Dave Macon Days & other various events. Please contact me so I can provide details. I don’t know what to do. Thank you

  2. We are a news aggregate website. We gather stories reports via the news media and index them in one place for the publics benefit.

    If you have been a victim of police brutality and you have multiple witnesses to the incident. You need to contact the police agency involved and file a formal complaint. And you need to do it ASAP. The longer you wait the more suspect the police will be of your story no matter how many witnesses you have.

    Then we strongly recommend you speak to a local attorney about the matter and follow their guidance.

    Sometimes the police do the right thing and handle the complaint as they should. Other times they go after the one who filed the complaint. This is why its important you speak to an attorney.

    • AR BORO Says:

      I understand – I have already retained a team of attorneys. My question was more towards whether your site reported these incidents, or instead as you have explained indexed stories already reported. Thanks for the clarification – I intend to alert local media as soon as counsel advises so. I am sorry to randomly comment on this story – I could not find a link etc. to communicate this privately.

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