Congress Should Have Investigated Steriod Abuse in Law Enforcement, Not Roger Clemons and Major League Baseball

There was no good reason to call Major League Baseball before Congress over Steroid use. The league has always been self regulating with policies that has always dealt with substance abuse within the organization. No one was killed or harmed for what was alleged inside the league. The only people harmed harmed where the players themselves and no fans were killed because of it. The US government wasted 3 million dollars putting Roger Clemons on trial for lying to congress. I do not see Congress moving with the same zeal going after Eric Holder in the Fast and Furious scandal killed many people. Congress has their priorities backwards wasting time and money going after the wrong people. If Congress was really concerned about the safety and well being of the American people, they leave Baseball alone. If they were going to investigate steroid abuse, they should have investigated the use of this drug inside Law Enforcement at all levels, exposing how it has harmed and killed people when it was unnecessary.

Steroid abuse inside Law Enforcement is a real problem that has to be addressed. The use of this performance enhancing drug can cause a Law Enforcement officer to be mentally unstable not using good judgement. We can see when an incident happens; the officer instigated it escalating the situation that was unnecessary under the circumstances .

There has been very little action taken by the US government to stop the steroid abuse in Law EnforcementThe United State Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Division has posted a website on stopping steroid abuse inside Law Enforcement. In 1991, even the FBI called for a congressional investigation into steroid abuse inside Law Enforcement. Many inside the government at all levels do not see Steroid abuse in Law enforcement as a threat because many politicians are very corrupt. These roid ragers in blue do serve a purpose protecting the corrupt system and their minions from the people.

ADDED: The problem is also impunity. When you give the police the right to do as they want, without any chance of being punished for their bad behavior. The longer a person stays in that position, the higher the likelihood they will abuse it.


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