From Anaheim California, unbelievable police actions

VIDEO: Near-Riot Follows Anaheim Officer-Involved Shooting


Cops in Anaheim Ca. overreact, shoot and kill a man running from them. Residents and witnesses who saw the shooting confront the cops, demanding to know why the gunned down an unarmed, fleeing man. Cops respond by provoking a near-riot. Shooting kids with bean bag rounds and rubber bullets, then unleashing a police K-9 on a seated mother and her new born baby in a baby stroller.

CBS News is reporting the situation apparently is still unfolding as more people respond to the overreactions of the police.

CBS News is also reporting that police officers were trying to buy cellphones for cash, from those who filmed the incident…

According to updated news reports, Chief John Welter said in a press conference Sunday, the man was unarmed and fleeing away from two officers when one of the police officers shot him in the back, killing him…



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