Memphis Police officer facing DUI investigation

MEMPHIS, TN – (WMC-TV) – BREAKING NEWS: A Memphis Police officer off the job tonight, facing multiple charges including DUI, reckless driving and public intoxication.

Investigators say 43 year old David Royal was in a traffic crash at 9:45 Sunday morning at Ramill and Yale.

Royal was off duty and allegedly hit the back of another car.

He is assigned to the Organized Crime Unit and has been with MPD since June of 1995.


3 Responses to “Memphis Police officer facing DUI investigation”

  1. Jon Smiff Says:

    Notice the arresting trough feeders did not peruse a blood draw warrant under TN shiny new no refusal law?

  2. In law enforcement, just like any other profession there are worthless people who should not be there. These are the “pigs”. The people that repeatedly abuse the system and roll through life under the shield of their badge. That’s not fair. If you screw up you should be held responsible. Regardless. These are the people that give cops a bad name. The fat asses that constantly squeak by with a wink and a nudge. The dirty cop that we all know. And yes, we all know one.

    Drinking and driving is wrong. Period. No matter who you are or what job you hold. It should make no difference how much money you have or what kind of connections you have. DUI is basically a nice way of saying that a very stupid and selfish person went out and decided to put all of us at risk. That’s not cool. The only reason this one made the news and the this whole site exists is because the people that made these mistakes had a piece of metal in their wallets in the shape of a badge….wow.

    No matter what – when the bullets start flying or the door needs to be kicked in and the drug addicted baby killer inside needs to be apprehended – give me the pigs! SOOOOIIIIIEEEEE!

    I am happy to know that there are men out there with balls enough to try to make a difference this idiot filled, crazy, screwed up world we all live in! I would take a “Bubba” in a sheriffs uniform over any of you pansy paper pushers – any day – any time. Period.

    Now go back to your cushy little cubicles and get back to pointing fingers at everybody else. I hope there never comes a day when you are in a situation when a “pig” saves your life. What will you say then???

  3. To Amy: Please read…


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