Tickets to Nowhere

MEMPHIS, TN -(WMC TV) – It was like dealing with the phone company. Or maybe a certain cable company.

But Amy Pratt was dealing with Shelby County government — and getting nowhere.

“The number was disconnected,” she said. “The web address didn’t exist.”

Her little speeding ticket revealed Shelby County sheriff’s deputies have issued an untold number of traffic tickets with the wrong number and web address for Shelby County’s General Sessions Court Clerk’s Office.

She and The Action News 5 Investigators called the number:  901-545-5100. We received the familiar announcement that it had been disconnected and was no longer in service.

We also surfed the web site listed on the ticket for the clerk’s office.

“The site doesn’t exist,” Pratt said.

Chip Washington, spokesperson for the sheriff’s department, said some deputies are using old ticket books, even though the court changed its phone and web contacts eight months ago.

Since Nov. 7, Stovall said sheriff’s deputies have issued 21,171 traffic citations.

5,769 of those are either outstanding or delinquent, he said.

When we asked Washington if he could say for certain that none of the delinquent tickets were unpaid because people don’t know whom to contact, he answered, “I can’t say for certain because I am not familiar with the statistics.”


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