Putnam jailers enter pleas in court

COOKEVILLE — Two Putnam County jail employees who were indicted for allegedly beating jail inmates in unrelated cases have now been to court and entered into plea bargains in their cases.

On July 19, Joshua Brewer pleaded guilty to official oppression in his case and received a two-year sentence, according to Putnam Criminal Court documents.

But Brewer, who once worked as a corrections officer at the Putnam Juvenile Detention Center, is applying for judicial diversion, a form of probation of his sentence.

Two other counts with which he was charged — misdemeanor assault and perjury — were dropped in the plea arrangement.

In the other case, former Putnam Jail Corrections Officer Joseph Dwain Boswell, went to court on July 26 and pleaded guilty to simple assault in exchange for a sentence of 11 months and 29 days, suspended to supervised probation.

The charge of official oppression against him was dropped. He must also surrender his state certification as an officer of the law.

Read more: Herald Citizen – Putnam jailers enter pleas in court


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