Deputies disciplined for Bolivar release

Dickson County Sheriff Jeff Bledsoeexplained a thick stack of paperwork and a rookie’s oversight led to the release of a Texas inmate in June.

Randall Bolivar, 31, of Brownsvillle, Texas, appeared June 6 in Dickson County Circuit Court on drug charges. Bolivar, already serving a 15-year sentence in Texas on drug charges, was released from Dickson County Sheriff’s Office custody after the court appearance.

Bolivar also had a pending first-degree murder charge in Texas.

The transportation service that shuttled Bolivar to Charlotte didn’t note the hold on Bolivar on his receipt, added Bledsoe. There was no mention of his pending murder charge either.

“It was a mistake on one of the deputy’s part that he did not key in the section for the hold to where it would show us that he couldn’t be released,” Bledsoe continued. “We have procedures in place that if [his jail intake documentation] was checked properly it would have stopped (his release).

“And then the supervisor should have been aware of that,” he added.|topnews|text|Dickson


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