Charges dropped, officer misconduct hearing set. Mooseherd owner says city police officer lied on citation

The citations against Frank Mucerino and two underage patrons were dismissed.

A Dickson police officer cited Mucerino for two counts contributing to underage drinking; and William Hall, 18, of Burns, and Steven C. Smith, 19, of White Bluff, with underage consumption. Those citations were dismissed following a Dickson Police Department internal investgation of Mucerino’s complaint against the citing officer.

Mucerino alleged the officer lied in his incident report and on the citations.

Dickson Police Chief Rick Chandler said he’s met with Mucerino about the investigation and complaint; and has scheduled an “internal hearing” Tuesday for the officers’ “misconduct.”

The Herald will continue to follow-up on this story.|topnews|text|Dickson


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