Nashville officer fired after marijuana stop in Kansas

Metro police say they have fired a North Precinct officer caught with his wife in Kansas throwing away a bag full of food with marijuana baked in.

Edward Karl, 34, was fired Aug. 6 after just two years on the force. According to a disciplinary report, he and his wife were returning from their honeymoon in California in June when they ran into a drug checkpoint set up on Interstate 70 in Valencia, Kan. Police there say that he exited the interstate to avoid the checkpoint and undercover officers, who were watching the exit, saw Karl’s wife throw something out once off the interstate.

The officers pulled the bag out of the trash and found loose marijuana and food items they say marijuana was baked into.

Officers in Kansas stopped Karl, who initially told them that he pulled off the interstate because his wife was pregnant and needed to throw up. But investigators say he later changed his story.|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE


2 Responses to “Nashville officer fired after marijuana stop in Kansas”

  1. AlgerHiss Says:

    “…a drug checkpoint set up on Interstate 70…”

    This sounds like more of that “drug task force” bullshit that is so common on I40 in Tennessee.

    The leo’s involved in this are barely, if at all, better than rapists and pedophiles: They sit in their silly ‘roided out cars waiting for their next victim, so as to confiscate private property.

    At least in this case, they screwed one of the screwers.

    Tony Soprano is more honorable and trustworthy.

  2. It is, these types of police actions are all too common and serve no other purpose than to pad the forfeiture accounts of the controlling agencies.

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