Some DA practices run afoul of state rules

Ask law enforcement folks in the 10th Judicial District about District Attorney Steve Bebb’s ride and they all say the same thing — a gray 2007 Chevy Malibu.

That car was seized by the 10th Judicial District Drug Task Force in October 2008 from a driver hauling a kilo of cocaine. Task force records of vehicle seizures between 2006 and 2010 list the Malibu as “in use by Steve Bebb.”

But under state law and Tennessee attorney general’s opinions, Bebb isn’t supposed to have the keys. His job doesn’t come with a car, and state law limits how vehicles seized in criminal cases may be used. (See video online.)

State records show that Bebb also has collected nearly $3,000 in taxpayer-paid reimbursements for gas, maintenance and wear and tear during the period in which multiple sources say he regularly drove the car.

In an interview, Bebb admitted driving the car and collecting reimbursements, but said he thought he had permission and that he had not been “unjustly enriched” from the reimbursement checks.


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