Pharmacist says traffic stop was drug task force retaliation

Mike Birdwell believes it was no coincidence that he was pulled over on Interstate 75 by a 10th District Drug Task Force agent soon after talking to the TBI about then-task force boss Mike Hall.

More than two years after the traffic stop and almost a year after he went to a jury trial over the resulting ticket, Birdwell is still furious at what he says was a set-up.

“I’m pretty angry and upset. I feel like my rights were violated,” said Birdwell, who holds a doctor of pharmacology degree and is a clinical consultant for health care institutions.

“They brought me to trial not only with a lack of proof [against me], but with proof of perjured testimony,” he said.


2 Responses to “Pharmacist says traffic stop was drug task force retaliation”

  1. AlgerHiss Says:

    Why we continue to put up with this hideous behavior and existence from the likes of a “drug task force” is both a mystery and quite depressing.

    We are proving every day we should have never been trusted with the freedom of the world. We can’t handle it.

  2. We agree, its time the public as a whole stand up and with one collective voice demand our politicians stop passing these laws and funding law enforcement to wage a war on the citizenry.

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