Man Allegedly Sneaks Loaded Weapon Into CJC (WRONG HEADLINE… an officer didn’t conduct a proper search of the arrestee…)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Police said a drunken suspect sneaked a weapon into central booking overnight.

Eric Brooks was arrested for public intoxication after officers found him walking down the middle of Richards Road trying to wave down traffic.

Once he was taken to booking at Criminal Justice Center in downtown Nashville, a police affidavit said he began acting suspiciously. An alert officer noticed he had a 9 mm handgun hidden inside his pants.

They immediately took Brooks down and confiscated the gun. Police said the gun was loaded, with one round in the chamber and three rounds in the magazine.

Police don’t know if Brooks sneaked the weapon in with the intention of using it.

Police also found a bag of marijuana in one of the Brooks’ pockets.

Brooks, of Bowfield Drive in Antioch, was jailed on $23,500 bond.


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