Mother risks becoming fugitive to protect her son

SPRINGFIELD, TN (WSMV) -A mother who was wanted by the law for a custody crime said she had a very good reason for being on the run – the protection and well-being of her child.

Georgia Dunn faces years in jail. She worries about that, but in the end she decided to risk it for a reason any mother would understand.

She believes that the system so failed her 9-year-old son that the only way she could protect him from being raped again was to become a felony fugitive.

Dunn, a well-dressed horse rancher from Robertson County, doesn’t conjure the image of a fleeing felon, but she has been a wanted woman nonetheless.

She defied an order from Circuit Court Judge Ross Hicks to return her son to her ex-husband, William Cone.

“Your job as a parent is to protect your child. It doesn’t matter if it causes you to become a criminal even,” Dunn said.

It all started back in 2008 when Dunn was told by her son’s pediatrician the boy was being sexually assaulted. Then, an 11-person state investigative team looked into it and decided Cone, the boys’ father, was sexually abusing his son.

But when Dunn went to court in front of Hicks, she not only didn’t win her case, but she also lost primary custody of her son.

“Eleven people unanimously agreed,” Dunn said. “A judge overruled their decision on that.”

Then came new allegations this summer by the boy that led to an FBI investigation and federal search warrants. The FBI even accompanied Dunn to Robertson County earlier this month to again appear in front of Hicks to ask for an order of protection.

“They brought copies of warrants for search and seizure,” Dunn said. “He said he wasn’t granting it and that I would need to return my son to his father that day. I said, ‘Are you telling me that I have to return my child to the man my son has told the FBI is raping him – not in those terms, but in child terms?’ And he said, ‘I won’t discuss it to you in any way.'”

That’s when Dunn walked out of the courtroom and became a fugitive from the law.


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