Officer sues police, claims ‘retaliation’

A former Oak Ridge police sergeant has filed a lawsuit against the city of Oak Ridge and the Police Department alleging he was forced to quit after filing a complaint against a supervisor.

Mark Coffey of Kingston, who now works for the Kingston Police Department, worked at the ORPD from 1994 until 2011. During his years in the Oak Ridge Police Department, Coffey served as a patrol officer, attained the rank of sergeant and worked with the drug unit.

Coffey alleges he was forced to quit after he filed a formal complaint against Lt. Brad Jenkins after Jenkins gave him live ammunition to use during a training session that involved role-playing.

ADDED: Retaliation against cops who file complaints against other cops, detailing misconduct and criminal acts is not uncommon in TN.

Sadly, it seems its SOP for a lot of agencies. We personally know over 20 individual officers who have suffered retaliation after they filed complaints that led to officers being disciplined or charged criminally. One officer told us, he knew filing a complaint against another officer was a career ending move, but it was the right thing to do.


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