CPD officer not charged, supervisor punished after Riverbend incident

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) — There’s new information in the investigation into a Chattanooga police officer accused of being intoxicated while working Riverbend. Channel 3 obtained the CPD internal affairs report.

Officer Steve Jones retired August 23 as the Chattanooga Police Department continued its internal affairs investigation. Now the case is officially closed, and now we’re finding out what happens to Jones and his supervisor all stemming back to that June night at Riverbend.

Four and a half hours into a motorcycle shift on the Olgiati Bridge, keeping drivers from stopping to gawk at Riverbend’s fireworks, a fellow officer suspected Officer Steve Jones had been drinking.

Jones was placed on administrative leave. The TBI’s blood alcohol test results on Jones came back at .07, which is just under the legal limit for DUI. That means he faces no criminal charges.

The internal investigation sustained allegations of “violation of the code of conduct” and “untruthfulness,” but since he retired a couple weeks ago-, the department can’t punish him.

Jones’ supervisor that night is being punished. Sgt. Chad Sullivan was commander over the traffic unit the night of the incident.

The report says he didn’t “take action and failed to pass this information up his chain of command”– saying he wasn’t in contact with Jones since the beginning of Jones shift.

Sgt. Sullivan’s been suspended for 28 days without pay for “failure to properly supervise.” He’s also been removed from the Traffic Unit.


ADDED: Apparently TN cops get a pass for being in possession of firearms while consuming alcohol. TCA makes it illegal for any person to be in possession of a firearm while consuming alcohol.


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