Chiefs Decline To Uphold Internal Affairs Charges Against Police Captain, Though Police Officials Say He Blocked Evidence In Murder Case

Chiefs in the Chattanooga Police Department have failed to uphold an Internal Affairs charge of untruthfulness against Capt. Edwin McPherson, though several police officials said he blocked evidence in a murder case then later said he could not remember doing so.

The surprise finding was returned though two of the five chiefs on the panel making the decision had previously said they had reviewed the case and felt the charge should be sustained. Those include Assistant Chief Kirk Eidson and Deputy Chief Tommy Kennedy, who conducted the disciplinary hearing. Others on the panel were Chief Bobby Dodd and Assistant Chiefs Stan Maffett and Randy Dunn.

Chief Dodd said, “During a disciplinary hearing the panel of chiefs heard all the testimony and proof from witnesses in the investigation, as well as from Capt. McPherson and his attorney, then decided there wasn’t enough proof to find him guilty.


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