2 officers fired for checking dead felons, more may be involved

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -At a hearing Wednesday on Tennessee’s Capitol Hill, it was revealed that two parole officers lost their jobs after a state audit said they were claiming to monitor dead parolees.

Afterwards, the Department of Correction commissioner responsible for the Board of Parole indicated more may be involved.

“I find it hard to believe it was just two people,” Derrick Schofield said.

The hearing before a joint meeting of the House and Senate Government Operations Committee examined a state audit released Monday that “found 82 offenders were still actively monitored after their death.”

One of the offenders had been dead for 19-years according to the audit.

“We do admit that we had a couple of officers who falsified some records, and those officers are no longer in our employ,” said Gary Tullock, who oversees the field parole officers for the Department of Correction, after holding the same job for the Board of Parole.

The findings reported in the 2011 state audit occurred when the Board of Parole was not overseen by the Department of Correction like it has been since July 1 of the this year after a state reorganization.



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