Ex-LaFollette cop wanted on child sex charges turns himself in

TAZEWELL (WATE) – A former LaFollette police officer on the run since July turned himself in to the Claiborne County Sheriff’s Office Monday.

Anita Baker woke up early Monday morning to a knock on the door of her New Tazewell home. It was her son, one of TBI’s most wanted, 39-year-old Michael Shane Baker.

“He just came to me and said momma I need to talk to you. I’m tired of being like an animal,” said Anita Baker.

Shortly after the conversation, Anita says her son was taken into custody. Captain David Honeycutt with the Claiborne County Sheriff’s Department helped make the arrest.

“He conveyed to me that he was tired of being on the run that he was exhausted,” said Captain Honeycutt.

Captain Honeycutt said for the past three months Baker has been living in the mountains of East Tennessee, losing 40 pounds in that time and growing a beard. He said with Baker having police training, he’s glad the arrest was made without incident.



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