Inmate accused of trying to extort Unicoi Co. Sheriff’s Dept. over jailer probe

ERWIN — A Unicoi County inmate has been charged with extortion for allegedly threatening to reveal an internal investigation involving a Unicoi County jailer, who has been fired by the Unicoi County Sheriff’s Department.

Unicoi County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Frank Rogers said the sheriff’s department recently conducted an internal investigation into of the the jailers violating the department’s policies and procedures with respect to “inmate privileges.”

“Early on in our internal investigation, we showed grounds to believe that the jailer had in fact violated these procedures, and she was terminated as a result of it,” Rogers said. “Since it’s an internal investigation and not a criminal investigation, we’re not releasing details about what the exact situation was in the jail or her name.”

The alleged actions of the jailer were reported to District Attorney General Tony Clark, who preliminarily indicated no criminal act on the part of the jailer, Rogers said.

Rogers said Yarborough sent to letters to Unicoi County Sheriff Mike Hensley on Oct. 15. In the letters, Yarborough threatened to reveal the internal investigation to media if Hensley did not release him from jail and return him home to Georgia.
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ADDED: We are posting this story because it documents an incident of misconduct on the part of a Unicoi Jailer. An incident which would have never been reported to the public had the inmate not been charged with extortion…


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