Putnam County jail decertified

PUTNAM COUNTY — The Putnam County jail lost its Tennessee Corrections Institute certification Wednesday. The action came after the county failed to submit proper paperwork, state officials said.

Without a TCI certification, the Putnam County jail is not certified to house state inmates, a revenue source for the county that has been estimated to equate to a $500,000-$750,000 each year.

The facility has been operating under an approved plan of action since a failed TCI inspection in July 2011. The county commission has made moves to repair bad locks, water damage on floors and ceilings, and HVAC and smoke evacuation systems noted in that inspection, but following an October 2012 inspection, the county was asked to resubmit a plan of action in relation to those repairs.

“The inspection revealed that this facility is currently operating under an approved plan of action,” an inspection letter from TCI Executive Director Beth Ashe, dated October 31, states.

However, the same letter goes on to recommend that the county revise that plan of action and resubmit.

Read more: Herald Citizen – Putnam County jail decertified


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