Civil suit targets Millington officials

The owner of a transmission shop in Millington is striking back with a federal lawsuit after felony drug charges investigated by Millington police failed to stand up in court last summer.

Thomas Marlin Roberts, owner of the Transmission Doctors, is asking for at least $1.5 million in damages in a civil suit filed Friday in federal court in Memphis, contending that several of his constitutional rights were violated.

The targets of the lawsuit are the City of Millington, former police chief Ray Douglas and the two police officers involved in the undercover drug probe, Michael A. Rose and Degreaun Frazier.

“The actions of the defendants should be considered atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized community,” said the lawsuit filed by Collierville attorney Steven G. Roberts, who also represented Roberts in his successful fight against the failed drug indictments.

A Shelby County grand jury in December 2011 indicted Roberts on 15 counts alleging that he had sold drugs including morphine and cocaine at his business to an undercover informant. The indictments were based on testimony given to the grand jury and evidence submitted by Rose, according to the lawsuit.

However, Roberts’ attorney determined that the alleged drug deals that officers described in their written reports were not reflected on audio and video recordings made by the informant. The Millington detectives had claimed that an audio transmitter allowed them to monitor the alleged drug transactions “in real time.”

In addition, Roberts’ attorney obtained a sworn statement from the informant, who stated that he had not purchased or received drugs from Roberts. State prosecutors dropped the charges against Roberts in August.

Several other people indicted in the same Millington police drug probe also had charges dismissed by prosecutors.



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