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Collierville police officer faces domestic violence charge

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A Collierville police officer is suspended without pay after he was charged with domestic violence in connection with an argument at his Bartlett home.

James Dood, 45, was arrested in the early morning hours of Dec. 28 after an incident with his wife, Lori Dood, a dispatcher for the Germantown Police Department. According to police reports, James Dood came home “heavily intoxicated making … threatening and derogatory statements directed at (his wife).”

Police reports state Lori Dood sustained bruises on her arms, wrists and buttocks in the incident, and once Bartlett officers determined the husband was the primary aggressor in the matter, he was arrested.


TN Police Chiefs caught in a bald faced lie by the Tennessean

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Tennessee law enforcement officials who claimed grocery and convenience stores do a poorer job of following alcohol laws than liquor stores couldn’t back that up with statistics on Thursday.

After The Tennessean’s request for data, the head of the Tennessee Grocers & Convenience Store Association also called on the police group to produce evidence to back its claim.

“I didn’t see any statistics that they provided that showed any correlation between sales at our stores and any detriment to alcohol-related issues,” said Jarron Springer, president of the grocers group. “We respect those law enforcement officials but, again, didn’t see any evidence.”

Former police officer, pastor charged with raping mentally disabled woman

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A retired Clarksville Police sergeant and associate pastor has been indicted by the Montgomery County grand jury and accused of raping a mentally disabled woman on two occasions.

Charles Alan Denton, 59, also known as Chuck Denton, was charged with two counts of rape on allegations that he sexually assaulted a 34-year-old mentally disabled woman.

Denton was a sergeant at the Clarksville Police Department and retired in June 2008 after 32 years of service, according to Jim Knoll, spokesman for CPD.