For a while now we’ve been pondering the rather enormous level of police misconduct reported daily in this country. Both criminal conduct as well as that of a disciplinary nature, honesty and integrity related issues that cops are fired for and how the general public reacts to it all.

And its clear now that the majority of the public is well aware of the level of constant official misconduct, criminal activities and general injustices done at the hands of the police in this country. And only the most ignorant among us can even attempt to deny its existence. But what bothers me more than the behavior of Americas Police, is the behavior of the American public towards the behavior of Americas Police.

The blind eye…

America it seems, is behaving towards police corruption, excessive force, brutality and criminal behavior of its cops both on and off duty as well as department wide corruption that goes all the way to the top of Americas departments the same way the people who lived in towns near Nazi concentration camps behaved. Most all of them knew it was there. Most all of them knew what it was. The scant rest had a painful suspicion of its existence and its purpose. But all turn a quick blind eye to it, and for what reason?

Denial? Maybe some kind of necessary evil argument? Or is it just plain old fear, fear they would be next if they spoke up?

Whatever the reason the public seems all to quick to turn that same blind eye and dismiss all of these events as an “isolated incident” or blame it on the “one bad apple syndrome”.

Well we’ve some painful news for all of you. We have been blaming the “one bad apple” for decades now and the official bad apple count has far exceeded the acceptable bad apple to bushel basket ratio long years ago. The argument no longer holds water when you begin to look at the sheer number and the magnitude of news stories in print and TV media today of misconduct and crimes committed by our police on a daily basis. And these are just the incidents that are reported in the media. Incidents from departments that are large enough to warrant media scrutiny. Not every department issues a press release each time an officer is suspended or fired. An internal investigation is initiated or a complaint of criminal behavior is received.

The vast majority of Americas law enforcement agencies are small entities, with less than 25 officers and certainly less than 50. Policing populations of less than 20,000 where an “event” may not be reported to the media. Or where the majority of the public may not even be aware it even ever happened. There is also a sub category to this, of quasi private police forces in this country. Such as those at private universities and hospitals that have a legal arrangement with local the government (usually called something like a Memorandum of Understanding) to train and certify its cops. Then commission them giving them limited police powers while on duty and on their own property. The agencies operate inside of a very gray area. They are not government bodies, yet they wield government powers of arrest. They are private corporations with private liability and confidentiality protection laws they can hide behind. One begins to wonder how such laws as state Sunshine Laws or Freedom of Information Laws could or would apply to them in cases of law enforcement matters.

But back to the problem I’m addressing.

All anyone needs to do is scan your local TV, Newspaper or media outlets website and you will find stories about police corruption, misconduct and crimes they commit.  Its not a rare occurrence anymore. Infact these types of incidents happen in every state, multiple times everyday. And its not just petty crimes either. Its false statements and false reports, fabrication of evidence that send innocent people to prison for years. Its cops involved in drug trafficking, gun trafficking and street level extortion. Its cops involved in rape of prostitutes while on duty and the statutory rape of children as young as infants. Its felony assault and even murder committed while on duty all in the name of and under color of law.

Police corruption in this country is fast approaching an out of control level and reaching critical mass. The fact the public turns a blind eye to it only worsens the problem an aggravates the inevitable outcome.

For some reason the public knows that this dangerous atmosphere is allowed to exist, grow and slowly percolate but yet the vast majority want nothing more than to turn a blind eye to it all. And for what reason?

Closing your eyes, ignoring something of this magnitude. Wishing it will all go away is akin to thinking there is no approaching hurricane simply because you turned off the weather station. Its coming, its too dangerous to ignore and even more dangerous not to respond to. The people of those towns just up the road from Nazi concentration camps ignored the facts and evidence all the wanted to. But in the end it still didn’t make places like Dachau, Borgermoor or Dieburg go away.


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  1. Webb Williams Says:

    Ya know, it is very sad when folks take the bad things that happen and think there is a strong undercurrent of corruption going on. Even worse when they compare law enforcement’s internal problems to something unrelated, like the Holocaust of Jews and what Germans considered undesirables in the 1930’s-1940’s. Perhaps there isn’t an outcry from the public because it has nothing to do with the public at large – it is an internal situation that we have laws that should protect law enforcement from the thieves and underdogs that take jobs in those fields and abuse them (like any other job, you are punished if you do wrong, but sometimes not). That is what happens in a free society. Complaining about things and whining publicly about this shows ignorance about what this country is all about when it comes to dealing with lawbreakers that are enforcing laws (I have yet to see Pelosi or Reid stand trial for the crimes they commited against our society by passing bills they never even read). The real corruption lies within the liberal Democratic Party who are working to tear down our country from within but they too will have to face justice at some point.

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